[Review] Top 5+ Best GPS motorcycle positioning devices today 2021

Tracking devices are increasingly designed in mini form and super compact size to conceal so that thieves or trackers cannot detect them.

  • So what is a GPS?
  • Choose which motorbike positioning device to buy good, cheap and affordable?

These are the questions that quite a lot of people are interested in. In this article, ChonMuaChuan will introduce to you some of the most popular motorcycle navigation device models on the market.

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[Review] Top 7 Best Motorcycle Navigation Equipment available today

1. GPS motorcycle locator device PKCB A1 Tracker — Recommended

A1 Tracker
A1 Tracker
A1 Tracker

GPS PKCB A1 motorcycle locating device

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

Refer to the preferential price on Lazada

A1 is the popular product line of motorbike, electric bicycle and car navigation equipment on the market today. There is no remote siren, only basic navigation and cruise monitoring, but the PKCB A1 is still the product you should consider using.

Its ultra-small size is only half the size of a cigarette pack, allowing users to secretly install it inside without being aware of it. Equipped with QUALCOM’s 8-core GPS chip that allows 100% accurate positioning of vehicle location, house number address or street name.

You can comfortably review the journey of motorcycles and cars within the past 3 months. Low power consumption by eliminating battery energy-draining extended features as much as possible.

PKCB A1 has a quite simple design and design and is easily installed on all models quickly in only about 10–15 minutes. You just need to connect 2 wires of the device to the vehicle’s electrical wiring system. There is no need for additional cost for server management.

Integrating the latest IP68 waterproof standard so you don’t have to worry about having to drive under heavy rain, flooded roads or just washing your car.

Refer to the genuine selling price of about 899,000 VND on Shopee

2. Device locating motorbikes Viettel

Viettel is Vietnam’s largest telecommunications corporation specializing in manufacturing and distributing network and security equipment. The surveillance and monitoring products such as Viettel watches, anti-theft locks and motorbike locators are favored by many in the country.

Device locating motorbikes Viettel
Device locating motorbikes Viettel
Device locating motorbikes Viettel

Contact SDT: 0963.14.53.53


Assessment: Is Viettel motorcycle locating device good?

Viettel motorcycle locator device, also known as Smart Motor Viettel, is a smart product that allows GPS global positioning, monitoring, tracking and anti-theft through Viettel mobile network.

The outstanding features of Smart Motor Viettel:

  • Siren to alert when someone hits the lock, prevent intruders from starting the engine and notify the owner of the message.
  • Save and review the entire journey of a motorcycle.
  • Find thieves who took motorcycles, used in tracking employees, relatives and babies.

Refer to the genuine selling price of VND 1,450,000 on Shopee or Viettelnet.vn

3. GPS motorcycle locating device PKCB-612

GPS motorcycle locating device PKCB-612
GPS motorcycle locating device PKCB-612
GPS motorcycle locating device PKCB-612

GPS motorcycle locator device PKCB-612 Tracker

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

Along with the PKCB A1, the PKCB-612 is also a relatively good quality navigation device sold at a reasonable price that you should consider installing for vehicles or monitoring and monitoring loved ones. in the family.

The PKCB-612 locator is also known as a vibration-free audio player thanks to its precise, fast GPS positioning with and loud sound quality. With the PKCB-612 all concealment does not seem to be a big deal to you anymore.

With a relatively compact 41 x 23 x 14.5 mm, bằng cigarette pack makes it easy to fit inside the trunk, car key chain or briefcase to locate anywhere, anytime. The battery capacity is just enough to meet the positioning needs for about 3 days.

Simple to use, you just need to insert the sim card to use it immediately without having to install time consuming.

Refer to the genuine selling price of about 990K Lazada

4. Cheap motorcycle locator GT02E Plus

GT02E Plus
GT02E Plus
GT02E Plus

Motorcycle navigation device GT02E Plus

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

Refer to the preferential price on Lazada

In the segment of low-cost motorbike positioning devices from 300K-500K, GT02E Plus is the best quality choice for you. To control the device’s operation you can use apps in smartphones instead of using text messages like in older models.

With the Relay or electric relay attached, GT02E Plus can work well on all electronic fuel-injected motorcycles and cars. With a smart management application available on the phone, it will help users to easily track and check the vehicle status anywhere.

Some smart features are integrated into the device by the manufacturer such as a quick remote shutdown with just one click on a smartphone, message or computer; absolute security; Safe area compartment and alarm if a thief breaks.

Detailed installation diagrams are included with the product for your own installation. GT02E Plus uses 2G band coverage nationwide, data capacity per month is 30Mb and maximizes power consumption when in static state.

In addition to the vehicle locator feature, you can also use the device to track relatives such as spouses, brothers or young and old …

Refer to the genuine selling price from 359K-420K and 6 months warranty period.

5. Wireless high-class car positioning device PKCB A9 Plus

A9 Plus
A9 Plus
A9 Plus

Auto navigation device A9 Plus

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

Refer to the preferential price on Lazada

If you are looking for a high-end positioning device, capable of accurate car and motorcycle positioning and absolute security, the PKCB A9 Plus is the product you should use. At the present time, PKCB A9 Plus is highly appreciated by the community, although the price is not cheap.

One of the most obvious advantages of this device comes from its extremely simple use, and users don’t need to install and setup like other products. Inside the A9 Plus, there is a built-in magnet, you just need to stick the magnet to the tracking object.

Versatile besides the function of locating cars and motorcycles, the A9 Plus can be used as a smart device to monitor and track any object. Simple management on phones and tablets through the application.

Main function:

  • Accurate GPS navigation for motorcycles, cars and other objects.
  • Set up and remind when entering and leaving a safe area.
  • Track and review previous journeys.

Equipped with a buffalo battery capacity and a huge 20,000mAh to meet the need for continuous positioning for about 15 days, with a usage density of 24 hours and a standby time of 4 months. Good water resistance allows users to go under the rain, flooded roads …

Refer to the genuine selling price of 2,549,000 VND on Shopee

6. GPS navigation device for cars and motorcycles G900

GPS navigation device for cars and motorcycles G900
GPS navigation device for cars and motorcycles G900
GPS navigation device for cars and motorcycles G900

GPS navigation device for cars and motorcycles G900

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

G900 is the latest product line of navigation equipment launched in 2018 and is the perfect positioning solution for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or electric bicycles. Similar to other PKCB devices, the G900’s size is extremely compact, only a pack of cigarettes so you can easily put it in your briefcase or trunk.

Simple installation by connecting the 2 ends of the device’s power cord together with the power cord of a motorcycle or car is ready to use. Not to mention the capacity of electric energy consumption is also controlled at a very low level, not affecting the vehicle’s battery.

Equipped with MT3336 chip for positioning accuracy almost absolute with error only 5m. Management via smartphone application, it is free the first year of use, but since the second year, you have to pay 4usd fee to maintain.

Besides features such as reminders and warnings when the target is set up and out of the safe area, speed warning and anti-theft … Comes with a backup battery that cuts off the power to warn.

The product meets IP66 waterproof standard and has a genuine warranty period of about 6 months. Refer to the selling price from 400K-450K.

7. GPS N16S motorcycle locator device with terrible battery

GPS N16S motorcycle locator device with terrible battery
GPS N16S motorcycle locator device with terrible battery
GPS N16S motorcycle locator device with terrible battery

GPS N16S motorcycle locator

Refer to the preferential price on Sendo

The last GPS motorcycle locator on this list is the N16S-A1 model, although it is only a low-cost product line, but has a very large 1100mAh battery capacity that allows users to continuously locate in time up to 7 days and standby time up to 3 months.

Compact design, luxurious design is very suitable for locating objects such as motorcycles, cars, relatives such as spouses, children, elderly parents or pets. Simple installation is supported through magnets, you simply attach the device to metal surfaces.

Key features built into the device include 100% accurate GPS navigation via smartphone apps, reminders and alarms when the subject leaves the safe zone, direct and automatic one-way audio recording. Call the owner, review the travel itinerary …

The product supports TF Card storage card included, which can be easily compatible with many operating systems as well as connect to smartphones or tablets without driver. When the battery capacity is only 10%, the system will send a message to the phone to remind the user to charge.

Refer to the genuine selling price of about 469,000 VND on Lazada

What is a navigation device?

Positioning device is a type of device fitted with GPS chips to receive and receive signals from artificial satellites installed outside the earth. The position of the target will be determined based on the distance from the positioning device to 3 different satellites.

How does navigation work?

As https://viettelnetvn.medium.com/ mentioned above, this positioning device will work by receiving and receiving signals from satellites orbiting the earth in precise orbit over a period of 2 times a day.

First, the device needs to be installed on the object that you want to locate, here is a motorcycle, car or electric bicycle. Normally, the gps navigation device is very compact, for the device to work, you just need to remove the outer cover and connect the two ends of the device’s electrical wires to the vehicle’s electrical system.

To manage all activities of the device and track the journey of the car, you will install a management App on the smartphone. This management software allows you to check your travel history, stop locations and times on the map.

Application in life

The navigation device is not only used on moving vehicles such as cars, motorbikes or electric bicycles, but also used to manage staff, track every couple’s activities when in comfort. suspect supervision of the elderly or children.

So should I buy a navigation device or not?

Whether or not to install a positioning device depends on your needs and conditions, but think each of them installs a positioning device for their motorcycle or car to ensure safety and avoid the situation of looting is raging more and more like today.

Advice on choosing to buy the best positioning equipment for motorbikes and cars

1. How much does the locator cost

The most important criterion to mention is definitely the selling price. On the market today, the positioning devices besides the variety of models and designs, the selling price is also extremely rich.

Advice on choosing to buy the best positioning equipment for motorbikes and cars
Advice on choosing to buy the best positioning equipment for motorbikes and cars
Advice on choosing to buy the best positioning equipment for motorbikes and cars

From cheap products with simple structure and few features just under 100K to high-end and versatile product lines like A9 have prices up to nearly 3 million VND. Choosing in what segment is dependent on your needs and budget.

2. Compact design, easy to install

Most motorcycle positioners are very compact and lightweight, usually about half the size of a cigarette pack. Depending on the manufacturer, the settings of the positioning device are not the same.

But in general, the installation is not too complicated, the positioning device can be installed by connecting two ends of the wire to a vehicle’s electrical system or using a magnet to adhere to the metal.

3. Made from safe material

Although sealed inside the vehicle, most of the positioning devices will be located underneath the car, in the trunk or key chain of the motorcycle, so they are constantly in contact with the surrounding environment.

Therefore, you should choose equipment made from ABS plastic materials that are safe and effectively waterproof.

4. Location features

Compared with the simple anti-theft motorbikes, the navigation device is integrated with many more features and utilities. When choosing to buy a GPS navigation device for your car or motorcycle, you need to note some important features below.

  • Position GPS accurately the object is located.
  • Automatically alerts when locating objects in and out of a safe area.
  • Allows to save and review the vehicle’s travel mileage history.

5. Long battery capacity

Similar to other electronic products, navigation devices mostly operate on rechargeable battery power, so battery life is a criterion that you cannot ignore. Make sure the device you intend to buy has a battery capacity that is not too low, about every 3–4 days to charge.

6. Warranty period

A product with a long warranty will help us feel more secure when using. With the positioning device, there will usually be a warranty period of about 3–6 months, for high-end models like the A9, it can take up to 2 years.

7. Brand Origin

It can be seen that on the market, motorcycle positioning equipment originates mainly from China, and a few are from Vietnam. Among them, the most famous are definitely location devices of Viettel.

8. Where to buy a motorcycle locator

At the present time, you can easily find and buy motorbike locators online on Sendo or Shopee with preferential prices and save time.

Should buy any good motorbike or car positioning device

1. Bach Khoa motorcycle positioning device

BK88M is a typical motorcycle locator of Bach Khoa, not only is in charge of locating motorcycles, it also allows convenient monitoring and management of employees and relatives.

2. XM100 anti-theft and GPS navigation device

XM100 is an anti-theft and GPS device researched and developed by Saigon Track, a joint venture between Saigon Industrial Company and National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

XM100 anti-theft and GPS navigation device
XM100 anti-theft and GPS navigation device
XM100 anti-theft and GPS navigation device

Equipment made in Vietnam is capable of preventing car theft through smartphones. Support remote shutdown and find a car in the parking lot, automatically send sms to the phone when a problem occurs for the owner to promptly handle.

XM100 is currently sold on the market with a relatively high price, nearly 2 million.

3. GPS navigation device from a 3G Xiaomi sim

Following the success of other smart devices, Xiaomi recently released a GPS navigation device called Millet with a beautiful design, sophisticated design and the ability to accurately position near location. as absolute.

Its ultra-compact size is only a cigarette pack and is IP67 water resistant, allowing it to go in the rain, flooded roads or when washing cars. The device is widely used in anti-theft, motorcycle search and family management.

GPS navigation device from a 3G Xiaomi sim
GPS navigation device from a 3G Xiaomi sim
GPS navigation device from a 3G Xiaomi sim

Products with genuine price from 650–750K.

4. GPS PKCB motorcycle and car locator

PKCB is a brand based in Hong Kong, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of electronic equipment, digital audio. Known products can be mentioned as music speakers , bluetooth headsets, karaoke microphones and navigation devices …

PKCB branded products are now available in Hong Kong, USA, Australia and Vietnam. PKCB motorbike and car GPS has the advantage of a variety of models, precise positioning capabilities and a very rich price tag.


What good motorcycle locator should we choose?

If you have economic conditions, you can choose to upgrade Viettel or A9 or not, a GPS motorbike positioning device like PKCB A1 may be a good choice.

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